Client: Viking Imports Australia Project: Product copy that includes supplier stories, and journal. Wrote about the wonders of dried mushrooms and the glory of tinned seafood. The confections page was a delight to write but an outlier for Viking's health conscious line up.

Take a break from adulting with our enthusiastically curated selection of European confectioneries. For the homesick Scandinavians out there, we have salted licorice that offers explosions of flavourful nostalgia, plus wafer candies that proffer happy childhood memories. You can even pick up chocolate that tastes like chocolate (if you know, you know).


Nothing makes a day brighter than a freshly filled candy jar. Whether it’s buttons, cars, bars, gums, bites or gooey liquor-filled chocolate, sweet treats add to the quality of life. Especially when they are made with the care and integrity that our suppliers take in producing theirs.