I am a food, wine, and travel writer who has worked in the commercial kitchen since 2006. I began cooking professionally after writing a ridiculously scathing review about a particularly bad meal at a nice-couple-of-people’s French-stlye bistro in Seattle. I knew that my perspective was off-track and that I needed a clearer understanding of what it took to do great food in a packed house.

Along the way, I co-owned a restaurant (where I cooked a particularly bad meal in a packed house) and worked a postage-size stamp farm in the middle of the orchards of Manson, Washington.

In the process of learning food, wine, and humility, I learned a lot about the business of what clicks with people on an authentic and long term level. My work – be it an advertorial feature or a cross platform marketing campaign – comes from a multi-dimensional perspective on all that it takes to create and enjoy food.

As a restaurant consultant, I provide solutions on how to make a ridiculously tough business easier for all parties. My suggestions are modular and created from on-the-ground experience that is sympathetic to the crushing details and timeline that food industry people face in their day-to-day.

But also, I work in service to their well-meaning (sometimes kinda bitchy) customers – because everyone deserves to goal to enjoying their meal. Be it a quick breakfast or a dreamy-long lunch, my life’s work is to draw people to the table.