I admit that I have stars in my eyes when it comes to life at the table. It’s been a lifelong love that started with poi and lau laus, smokey dim sum tables, and epic Russian-style Easters. Using the stars to navigate, I have lived in service of getting people to the table.

My writing has been featured by Wine Enthusiast, San Fransisco International Wine Competition, Washington Wine Magazine, Rendezvous en France, and Gold Prospectors Association of America.

In my agency days, I worked with Starwood Hotels, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Microsoft, and Real Networks.

I began cooking professionally in 2006, when I realized that even though I had been writing about food and wine... I knew too little.

I've cooked in the rarified air of Napa Valley winery kitchens, run the line in my own restaurant, wrestled with Syrah in the heat of Lake Chelan vineyards, and harvested from the rows of my own deep-organic, no till farm.

At present, I live a riparian life with my family in the foothills of the North Cascades.

Adrianne Young's Resumé
Bitte Bitte Leavenworth Owner / Operator | Leavenworth, WA 2020 - Present

Seasonal food, on occasion. At Bitte Bitte Leavenworth, I source from local farms and grow my own produce to cook and serve meals to large groups of artists performing at the Icicle Creek Center for the Arts in Leavenworth, Washington. 

Foxdog Cards, Artist Coordinator/creative Director/Writer  2020

Mentored and managed 3-dozen artists from around the world to create over 300 greeting cards a week. Provided art direction, concepts, and created card lines to build a stock of customizable assets.
Illustration by the incredible Andre Passos
Concept and text by Adrianne Dow Young

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Lake Chelan Farm, LLC Co-Owner /operator | Manson, WA | 2011 - 2016

Created an organic, no till, amendment-free produce farm the size of a postage stamp. The farm supplied Cannella Kitchen & with both conventional and unconventional vegetables suited to the short growing season and dramatic climate. What I learned about soil and growing serves my work to this day. 

Writer / Executive Producer | Seattle  | 2003-2006

Worked with a small team of creatives on a cross-country photography project (using 100 vintage and specialty cameras). To sustain the idea, we took on a roster of clients. Worked on TV and print ad campaigns, photoshoots, books, and product launches. By the time we all wandered off like the kittens we were, we had created a lot of inspired work and met a lot of bartenders. 

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Always drink Baijiu with a group.
Tip Top Creative, All Things Money >> Project Manager >> Copywriter | 1999-2004

My job at Tip Top Creative began as the bookkeeper and project manager. My role expanded to include copywriting, art direction, and production.

Priceless to the experience, was being mentored by Tip Top’s fearless leader, Debbie Campbell.

Other work
Seattle Legal, Bicycle Messenger, 1993 -1996 | Joe Meyers Design Receptionist and Production, 1996 - 1999. 
Adrianne has been writing for us on and off for several years, and is always a delight to work with. She's incredibly passionate about her craft as a writer, bringing a level of research and style that's hard to match. We're looking forward to our next project together.
Stephanie Oley, The Offices